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Albers Pharmacy Logo

About Us

Our History

Albers Medical Pharmacy was founded in 1976 by Doug Albers in the Broadway Medical Building as a full-service retail pharmacy to serve the needs of the growing Country Club Plaza area, as well as patients from the various medical specialists that had practices on the floors above the pharmacy.

A year later, in 1977, as part of its commitment to community and education, Albers Medical Pharmacy was asked to participate as a rotation practice site for pharmacy students from the University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Pharmacy.

By 1987, Albers Medical Pharmacy had established significant relationships with area infertility clinics that were looking for a way to provide their patients with more affordable treatments. That year, the pharmacy obtained a distributor’s license in the state of Missouri that allowed them to purchase and provide the specialty pharmaceuticals that these and other clinics required.

Albers Medical Pharmacy has continuously been on the cutting edge of the pharmaceutical profession. We have always adjusted to the needs of area physicians and patients. Prior to 1998, our pharmacy had received many inquiries and requests on flu vaccinations. Area doctors’ offices were running out of vaccine and patients had only a handful of alternate locations to receive these shots. In turn, Albers Medical Pharmacy came through. One of our pharmacists became certified by the state of Missouri to administer vaccinations by completing the necessary training exercises. Ever since this time, Albers Medical Pharmacy in collaboration with a local physician has been administering flu shots, and every pharmacist at Albers has completed this same extensive vaccination certification program.

Over the years, our vaccination program has grown into a complete travel clinic. Our clinic administers many vaccines for patients going overseas and teenagers going to college without the need of going to the doctors’ office.

Albers has always strived to provide our patients with superior customer service and a knowledgeable, friendly staff. Albers Medical Pharmacy will continuously modify our practice around the needs of our patients; because at Albers it is important to us to earn your business and earn your trust. We want to be your pharmacy for many years to come.

Our Staff
  • Darren Lea, Pharm.D.
  • Adam Emo, Pharm.D.
  • Alli White, Pharm.D.