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Compounding Prescriptions

Albers Medical Pharmacy has been compounding customized, unique prescriptions since it was founded in the 1970s. Our pharmacy purchases our compounding products and materials from certified and licensed companies that sell natural and synthetic bulk chemicals that are used specifically for prescription compounding. The devices and methods that Albers uses allow us to prepare your compound with precision and create a safe product. Our pharmacists have taken advanced training courses and seminars in compounding so that we may provide you with the highest quality of product.

A compounded medication does require a prescription from your doctor, just like a normal prescription drug. Our pharmacy does do many kinds of compounds, but we specialize in compounding medications for dermatological use (creams, ointments, gels) and hormone replacement therapy (capsules, troches, suppositories). With numerous ingredients and products on-hand, turn-around for many compounded medications is less than twenty-four hours. Some medications may require us to special order certain products that could delay your medication’s availability.

Albers cannot compound sterile products like injectable medications and ophthalmic products. 

Please call our pharmacy staff at (816) 931-0100 to determine if your prescription can be compounded at Albers Medical Pharmacy.